Forever an Outsider: Tulsa author S.E. Hinton looks back 50 years to her first book

The roster includes Rob Lowe, Tom Cruise, C. Thomas Howell, Patrick Swayze, Ralph Macchio, Emilio Estevez, Leif Garrett and Darren Dalton.

“There wasn’t any infighting, there wasn’t any backstabbing and nobody was gossiping,” she said. “They were cohesive.”

Hinton became a type of mama bear, or maybe cool older sister, to the young actors. She still keeps in touch with all of them.

“The boys were brought here and turned loose with no adult supervision at all,” Hinton said. “I stayed out of the hotel and didn’t want to know what was happening. Now, on set, I was on them. But I knew better than to go to the hotel and control things.”

One of Hinton’s favorite party stories begins with: “I made Tommy Cruise throw up.”

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Star-studded benefit event draws crowd of spectators to ‘Outsiders’ house

All that separated the dozens of people staking out “The Outsiders” House on Saturday from a VIP event that afternoon was a weathered chain-link fence.

So, as the book’s author S.E. Hinton mingled with folks inside the barrier, dozens of eyes peered through to catch a glimpse. When Ralph Macchio, who played greaser Johnny Cade in the 1983 movie adaptation, was ushered to the side of the house for a photo opp, the fans saw that, too.

People staking out the house isn’t all that uncommon, said Ron Collins. He lives across the street from 731 N. St. Louis Ave., and said ever since Danny Boy O’Connor bought the property to turn it into an “Outsiders” museum, people stop by.

”Not like this,” he added.

On Saturday the sidewalk in front of the home, which is famous for housing the Curtis brothers in “The Outsiders” film, was packed with people.

They had been there since about 8:30 a.m., Collins said.

That’s because less than 12 hours later, Macchio, C. Thomas Howell, Darren Dalton and other “Outsiders” insiders were scheduled to appear at a museum fundraising event and 50th-anniversary celebration at Cain’s Ballroom.

Some of the spectators came to the house because they were in town for the event and needed to kill time, others because they had a hunch something would happen there Saturday…

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