Sea of Glass


Sea of Glass is an apocalyptic drama but in the direct translation of the word. Apocalypse doesn’t mean the destruction of the world. That’s Armageddon, which lies on the horizon. Apocalypse means “the end of the world as we know it.” It literally refers to a lifting of the veil; the undeniable knowledge of something that we
had only guessed at or relied on faith for.

I have always been fascinated by the idea of an evolution of consciousness. A Global Shift. I wondered how it would take place. Everyone would simply wake up and think more clearly? You would be driving down the freeway and WHAM you “get it.” We hear of a shift of consciousness, but how does this happen? By seeing with our own eyes. Witnessing a world-changing event through the lens of social media. “What if everyone at the parting of the red sea had a twitter account?” It would be a different world. That is the world of Sea of Glass.

The story itself is simultaneously epic and personal. The shift for those in the story begins like a whisper and builds, like a wave that becomes a Tsunami, growing as it travels, changing and altering everything in its path.

  • A bright young college student who realizes he is actually an archangel. And he’s not one of the good guys….
  • A young boy who climbs through a window of an island paradise to realize he’s actually been existing under the snowy streets of Manhattan
  • An enigmatic figure with the power of light and reluctance to intervene. When he finally can’t help himself, the results are tragic…

Angels transcend every religion. Their existence precedes every religious system that has ever existed on Earth. But Sea of Glass goes deeper than angels and archangels. I would compare it to the discovery of things that exist beyond the naked eye. Once the microscope was introduced it didn’t uncover one type of germ. It uncovered thousands. Millions–

Angels, Demons, Walk-Ins, Ancient demi-gods. In Sea of Glass, these are the new celebrity and the new terrorist.

Above all, Sea of Glass is a mystery. The mystery is there in the first hint of what the project holds, and even when it spreads its wings in front of you, powerful and awesome and frightening and amazing, the mystery only deepens and keeps us captivated.