The Seven

Who Are The Seven?

The architects of human intelligence are known as the Anunnaki. From a distant star system, this advanced race of beings provided their own genetic material to our Homo Erectus ancestors to create a new genus of workers; Homo Sapien. The reason for creating this labor force is up for debate – The mining of gold. Harvesting blue green algae. There are many theories – In true humankind fashion, we wanted more. With a rebellion brewing, the Anunnaki moved on, giving us the freedom we were ready to fight for…

The oldest written work on the planet, The Epic of Gilgamesh, speaks of these powerful beings and their departure. It also speaks of seven Anunnaki warriors left behind, embedded within our population as protectors of a world that always hovers on the edge of destruction.

As they say, “it’s a dirty job. But someone has to do it.”


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