Sea of Glass

Sea of Glass


Sea of Glass is an apocalyptic drama but in the direct translation of the word. Apocalypse doesn’t mean the destruction of the world. That’s Armageddon, which lies on the horizon. Apocalypse means “the end of the world as we know it.” It literally refers to a lifting of the veil; the undeniable knowledge of something that we
had only guessed at or relied on faith for.

I have always been fascinated by the idea of an evolution of consciousness. A Global Shift. I wondered how it would take place. Everyone would simply wake up and think more clearly? You would be driving down the freeway and WHAM you “get it.” We hear of a shift of consciousness, but how does this happen? By seeing with our own eyes. Witnessing a world-changing event through the lens of social media. “What if everyone at the parting of the red sea had a twitter account?” It would be a different world. That is the world of Sea of Glass.

The story itself is simultaneously epic and personal. The shift for those in the story begins like a whisper and builds, like a wave that becomes a Tsunami, growing as it travels, changing and altering everything in its path.

  • A bright young college student who realizes he is actually an archangel. And he’s not one of the good guys….
  • A young boy who climbs through a window of an island paradise to realize he’s actually been existing under the snowy streets of Manhattan
  • An enigmatic figure with the power of light and reluctance to intervene. When he finally can’t help himself, the results are tragic…

Angels transcend every religion. Their existence precedes every religious system that has ever existed on Earth. But Sea of Glass goes deeper than angels and archangels. I would compare it to the discovery of things that exist beyond the naked eye. Once the microscope was introduced it didn’t uncover one type of germ. It uncovered thousands. Millions–

Angels, Demons, Walk-Ins, Ancient demi-gods. In Sea of Glass, these are the new celebrity and the new terrorist.

Above all, Sea of Glass is a mystery. The mystery is there in the first hint of what the project holds, and even when it spreads its wings in front of you, powerful and awesome and frightening and amazing, the mystery only deepens and keeps us captivated.



Shade Crawford knows death. He’s been there. For 6 minutes and 32 seconds exactly. It’s a world he never completely escaped, bringing his journey back with him to the reality of life as a homicide detective. It also dominates his life at home as a single father, raising a young son with only the ghostly presence of a wife who disappeared while Shade healed from his near death experience.

Beginning months after Shade’s “death,” we watch him at work with partner, LINDA “L.G.” GARRETT. When serial killer GRIMM is shot and killed, Shade confronts his gloating specter. Shade’s new partner gets a first hand look at Shade’s capabilities as Shade saves Grimm’s latest victim. Their next case marks the first tick of a roller coaster moving upwards, plunging them into the twists and turns of a mastermind who is pure evil. Shade is operating on the edge, dodging psychiatric help and working to keep L.G. at arms length.

In his moments at home, Shade struggles to balance his drive and the needs of ELI, his nine-year-old son. The evenings include the presence of Shade’s wife, Lilly. Having disappeared months ago, there is hope that she may still be alive. But Shade knows. For him she is always waiting at home. Always watching over Eli and unaware that she is anything beyond a harried mother. Her face at the end of the day brings joy, while her humming in the darkness haunts Shade as he tries to sleep.

Shade and L.G. follow a trail of items that link a string of murders. The thread eventually sends them to a location containing a body. The cat and mouse game just became personal for Shade when it is identified as Lilly. The world around Shade grieves a truth that Shade has already been living with. For Shade it is gasoline on the fire that rages to find the killer now known as THE SCAVENGER.

The Scavenger, like Shade, has a close relationship with death. He loves it. And he has made his bliss his business, hiring out as a killer and building a fortune with his expertise. Murder is also his hobby. A darker version of Dexter Morgan, The Scavenger is a rock star covered in blood. His modus operandi changes periodically, each string of killings a new concept album with its own rules and motives. His ties with Shade and who the detective has become are the centerpieces of his latest work.

As Shade pursues The Scavenger he will be aided by a diverse group including L.G., who he will have to learn to trust, his childhood friend JED, now a priest and sparring partner, and the spectral presence of Grimm, who will become his touchstone for evil in return visits to the basement of their first meeting. Shade will also be helped by his son, who provides not only a compass for sanity, but displays an uncanny understanding of Shade’s “ability” and what it all means.

Destroying the Scavenger may release the victims that remain bound to the purgatory between earth and whatever is next. It could mean that the love of Shade’s life will be gone completely. Shade will also have to face the fact that the light he experienced during his own brief death may not have been his true destination. The force that dragged him back to life had a much darker purpose. The detective will have to solve the mystery of his own heart and atone for the sins of his past.

SHADE is a gritty, unflinching look at the fantastic. It peels back the layers of everyday life to the mystery beneath, revealing humanity where it seems to be lost and light at the end of the tunnel…

The Ballad of Lilly Finn

The Ballad of Lilly Finn

The first installment in the BITE trilogy, The Ballad of Lilly Finn puts a new spin on the traditional vampire genre. Transcending time and mythology, part one introduces us to complex characters, visceral emotions and gritty action sequences.


The Ballad of Lilly Finn begins with a young woman on her wedding night in the late 1800’s. When the music and celebration draws JOSEPH, a vampire who has been trapped in the wilderness for three decades, out of the cave that has provided him shelter, he runs rampant through the wedding party, feeding and restoring himself on the blood of those gathered. Dragging Lilly back to the dark confines of the cave, he becomes transfixed by her beauty and “turns” her, forcing her to feed for the first time on her unlucky groom. Joseph’s plans for companionship and escape are undermined when Lilly, fueled by the hatred for what he has forced her to become, sets him on fire and escapes as the sun rises…

In modern day Detroit, Lilly hides among the nightlife. Aided by her companion MAGGIE; a bloodthirsty new “Hemavore” with an unquenchable drug addiction, Lilly is searching for more than just her next meal. She plans to put an ancient myth to the test that a female vampire can become pregnant by a human male descendant of the vampire that turned her. She seduces young THEO DEKKER, only to find out that the true source of what she seeks is his older “brother” JOHN DEKKER. Dealing with the complications of a love triangle is only the beginning as Joseph has also tracked her down and John’s work has started him towards a life of vampire hunting. Lilly’s quest for a family will turn brother against brother and ignite a war between enemies of the past and hope for the future…


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The Seven

The Seven

Who Are The Seven?

The architects of human intelligence are known as the Anunnaki. From a distant star system, this advanced race of beings provided their own genetic material to our Homo Erectus ancestors to create a new genus of workers; Homo Sapien. The reason for creating this labor force is up for debate – The mining of gold. Harvesting blue green algae. There are many theories – In true humankind fashion, we wanted more. With a rebellion brewing, the Anunnaki moved on, giving us the freedom we were ready to fight for…

The oldest written work on the planet, The Epic of Gilgamesh, speaks of these powerful beings and their departure. It also speaks of seven Anunnaki warriors left behind, embedded within our population as protectors of a world that always hovers on the edge of destruction.

As they say, “it’s a dirty job. But someone has to do it.”


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